Monday, October 4, 2010

Axiom DLX road fenders

As I was shopping for 20" steel fenders for the tandem, I stumbled upon a new set of road fenders that looked promising.

Upon first mock up, they looked like they wouldn't work.
A week later, I decided to make them work.

First, I had to switch the tires from 700x25 to 700x23.
The Merlin is my fast bike and putting 25's on it was really just a fantasy.

Two of the four rear struts had to be cut down to size.
It was pretty easy.
The important thing with struts is to spread them out so that they give the most support to the fender.
Also, the strut should not be in tension when it is not clamped down, so bending them to the correct position at the fender is important.

During all of this, fender line has to be constantly checked and rechecked.

 I marked the length, checked it twice, and made the first cut.
Then  mocked up the shortened strut to check the length again.
Taking the piece that was sawed off, I checked the length of it against the cut mark on the uncut strut, it was perfect.

The second strut was cut, reassembled, and it looked great.

There is a rear brake clamp that I could have used, but it rubbed against the tire.
First, I lengthened the mounting hole for it, so that I could push it up further, but it still wasn't enough tire clearance.
I ended up not using it.

The brake bridge would serves as a mounting point for the zip ties.
After marking the drill holes with a sharpie, I drilled four holes, then inserted the zip ties and tightened them around the brake bridge.
No problem.
There was a little bit of bending in the fender, so I loosened the zip tie.

At the chainstay bridge, I have a mounting hole and simply bolted in an allen bolt.

The fender line looks pretty good.
I could place a 2mm spacer at the chainstay bridge, and will probably do that at some later date.
The only tight spot is at the seatstay bridge, under the brake, but that's normal.

All in all, a good job.

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