Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Application part 2

This time, I went through all of the document requirements myself, instead of letting Molly do the work.
Turns out, we needed the original birth certificate and PGand E bills, not copies.
So I rode over, stood in line, and turned it in.
No problems.
The woman there told me we would receive a letter by March 15.
I have high hopes that our school will be fine.
It is an exciting time for everyone.
I'm not only thinking of Finley, but also, what new friends, enemies, drama, and families will come into our circle over the next 7 years.
I'm also thinking of my personal time. With Finley in school, I will have a significant chunk of free time in the morning.
I have not thought about it too much, I plan to let it unfold naturally, instead of plan too much.
It'll probably involve some riding, sewing, and taking classes. Dance classes, art classes, welding, fabrication, maybe Tagalog.
We'll see.
Molly may go full time or stay part time or not work at all, not sure yet. Either way, it'll turn out fine.

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Anonymous said...

It's all working out...