Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sleepy time

two nights ago at bedtime, I was laying with Finley and he kept scratching and wiggling for a long time. I fell asleep and kept waking up to him wiggling and scratching. I told him, "close your eyes and rest your mind." He kept his eyes open and kept wiggling and scratching, so I got up and said "I'm going to my bed, you're wiggling too much and I can't sleep."

last night, I was in my bed reading and he came into my room and asked me to come sleep with him.
I got into my PJ's, read a little more, then came over, expecting to see him asleep.
He was all covered under his blanket, with his eyes closed, perfectly still.
I snuck over and kissed his head and he grabbed my arm and wrapped it around him tight.
I started laughing and he said "see, now you can sleep with me, I promise I'll lay really still and I'll keep my eyes closed."

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