Monday, April 4, 2011

Alarm Clock

Yesterday Finley and I were in my bed, and he asked why I dont have a clock on my side of the bed.
I was joking about how Mama took my alarm clock years ago, when we first met.
Finley jumped up and said, wait right here.
He ran to his room as fast as he could, and was gone for a while.
I was curious and went to see what he was doing.
He pushed his clothes dresser to the side and was climbing under it to unplug his alarm clock.
He saw me and said, help me push the dresser, its very heavy.
I asked him what he was doing and he said, "here, I'll give you mine, it has a radio so you can listen to music too!
I'll show you how to turn it on!"
I told him to just keep his and that I would share with mama, and he said, well,you cant put it in the bike room and listen to the radio while you do your work.
I told him ok, but I'll give him my clock hanging on the wall and teach him how to read it, so now he is practicing reading the clock.
What a loving and thoughtful son I have.

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